I say that my life experiences, my interests, and my gifts all collided in this place. Growing up without a clear picture of what it meant to be healthy makes me want to provide that clear picture for my own kids. Raising babies while my husband deployed time and time again, and trying desperately to stay healthy myself, makes me want  to make staying healthy easier for all moms. Nursing my youngest through treatment for cancer and holding her as she took her last breath makes me value the things that are real in life like love in action and true connection with another human being.


I know it’s hard to do all the things we’re told we have to do as modern women. Whether we’re moms or not, working away from home or not...the expectations can buckle us. I want to know who you wish to become, not who anybody else thinks you should be. Then together, we will map out small, actionable steps to get you there. Simple as that. I take your goals and apply real actions to get you there.

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